Weed Infestation Makes Crop Infrastructure Corp (OTCMKTS:CRXPF) Learn Important Lessons

The major havoc and huge loses witnessed in the hemp and THC farms somehow shook Crop Infrastructure Corp (OTCMKTS:CRXPF). However, the company decided to make the most out of the situation by organizing site visits. CROP’s consultants and joint venture partners learned quite much from this field excursion where weeds affected production immensely.

The losses

CROP funded the sample plant counts, as well as drone reconnaissance, to establish the veracity of the losses. The invasive weeds affected eight out of the ten hemp pivots of the business. The losses not only resulted from weeds but also antelopes in a number of the northern pivots. Some analysts had rushed into the conclusion that the company’s operating partner had to blame for the losses experienced. According to them, this partner had used a farming method where it planted covers crops to fight off weeds. The strategy wasn’t effective though it worked for about two pivots.

The company and joint venture partner say this isn’t where the backstops! To this effect, they will be further reviewing the operational failure in terms of what might have caused it. Releasing the 850 acres of lost pivoted crops that had been leased out was a necessary move for the company. The company is now focusing on the remaining pivots which, according to sources cover almost 500 acres.

The other announcement by CROP is the proposal to sell the 850 acres of lost pivoted crops. The proposed sale has already lapsed and the agreement terminated to that effect.

Search for partners

CROP is currently in search of some new joint venture partners but wants to ensure they are the most suitable ones. It also wants purchasers and won’t also stop in its efforts of developing as well as planting crops on the farm in the upcoming 2020 season. The warrant exercises add up to $51,024.87. This comes to the limelight a few months after the company announced its early warrant incentive program.

CROP has expressed its willingness to join hands with its associate companies after it experienced the poor harvest. It wants to remain attractive to its potential partners and hopes to succeed in efforts to increases its asset ownership.


Crop Infrastructure Corp (OTCMKTS:CRXPF) Commences Operations In Nevada Cannabis Farm

Fortify Resources Inc is the former name of Crop Infrastructure Corp (OTCMKTS:CRXPF).This business guru focuses in the delivery of a wide range of financing solutions. It has large number of its customers in North America. The business guru says that it will soon commence its phase 1 development.

The current state of affairs

The business giant wants to exploit about 1,729,000 square feet in the outdoor cannabis production. It also spoke elaborately regarding the 60,000 square feet set aside for greenhouse. It seeks undertake a huge deal of its operations in Nevada where it has a 1,000-acre farm.

CROP Infrastructure Corp intends to set up an eight-foot-high block wall to protect the zone of its operations. On top of this wall, it wants to add a razor wire fence fitted with CCTV cameras. These together with the guard tower will help the business guru ensure maximum security.

In the Phase 2 undertaking, the business guru seeks to enlarge both the farm’s size and the output as well.

An official working with the company says that they hope to succeed in their plans to add 5,227,200 square feet. Asides from that, they also intend to add 120,000 square feet of greenhouse and the official expresses great optimism about the future.

An outlook into the future

The good thing about north of Las Vegas is the fact that it permits greenhouse and the outdoor growing. Currently, the company welcomes all next year’s supply agreement requests and orders from retail outlets. It also accepts them from distributors and processors.

The CEO of CROP Michael Yorke opined, CROP will now bring our style of low-cost Cannabis cultivation to Nevada tenants, giving residents and visitors of Nevada a superior product at a lower price and giving processors access to better priced feedstock.”

CROP celebrates most of the major milestones it has achieved so far and seeks to accomplish much more. It prides itself in having two cultivation properties in Washington State and others in California. The company’s Canna Drink is taking over the market by a storm staging strong competition to most of the competing brands.

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