Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:DPWW) Signs An LOI To Acquire Denver Based 2,287 Sq. Ft. Marijuana Infused Product Facility

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:DPWW) has announced signing a Letter of Intent to acquire Denver based 2,287 Sq. Ft. MIP (marijuana-infused product) manufacturing facility. The new state of the art facility features a walk-in vault, office, and a class 1 facility. The new facility helps the company to manufacture 2,650 pounds of cannabis annually for recreational and medical use.

Diego Pellicer would have the capability to produce 4,500 pounds of cannabis annually with the takeover of this second manufacturing facility. The company announced the signing of LOI on September 10, 2019. Chief Executive Officer of Diego Pellicer, Ron Throgmartin said this strategic acquisition makes Pellicer a vertically integrated marijuana firm. The company is into cultivation and production to recreational and medical sales. The latest stint is a perfect fit for the expanded business model of Diego Pellicer.

Manufactures premium concentrates

After receipt of nod from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, Diego Pellicer would engage in the production of marijuana-infused products and premium concentrates. The deal is also subject to compliance with House Bill 19-1090. The company would sell world-class marijuana-infused products at its retail locations across the world. According to CEO, the takeover of the facility is a significant leap in its stride to expand the business in states that permit recreational and medical cannabis operations.

Deal includes cannabis extraction machine

As part of the non-binding LOI, Diego Pellicer would receive a number of machines. These include a cannabis extraction machine together with fumigation hoods, recovery pump, flower preparation room, rosin press, isolated grid room, and vacuum oven.

Competitively priced finest products

The customers can expect the finest products from branded stores of Diego Pellicer. They will also enjoy exceptional customer service. You can buy experts selected, and Diego Pellicer cultivated premium quality products irrespective of the location.

Record Sales in July

Diego Pellicer has announced record gross sales in July 2019 from its licensee in Denver. It is an increase of 8.56% since April 2019. According to the CEO, the success is on the backdrop of offering premium quality products backed by excellent customer service. The company expanded its customer base by providing cannabis products at all price points.


Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:DPWW) Mobilizes Funding of $700,000

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:DPWW) has mobilized additional capital of $700,000 from two large investors. The company will use the funds for business expansion.

CEO of Diego Pellicer, Ron Throgmartin said the market conditions are favorable for the company with recent cannabis legalization in California. The company is aiming to capitalize on the management opportunities, branding, and the real estate.

It is on the backdrop of the company achieving success with the retail tenants. The company will be able to use the capital for retail business of cannabis.

Diego Pellicer Washington Unveils 24 Karat Cannabis Cigar – El Dorado

Diego Pellicer Washington has announced the introduction of a twenty four karat Gold Cigar – El Dorado. The cannabis based gold cigar is priced at $10,000.

The 24 grams Tangie flower is wrapped in the hash rosin, which is free from solvents, and then covered in the quality cannabis fan leaves. It is finally wrapped in the edible gold leaf of twenty four karat. It offers an incredible smoking experience for the cigar lovers.

The company has announced the sale of first cannagar. The customers can now order custom made cannagars.

COO of Diego Pellicer Washington, Alejandro Canto said the customers can enjoy a customized cannagar every moment or keep it as a savor. The smoke lovers can enjoy the smoking pleasure of 20 hours using a fifteen inches longer cannagar.

The company also offers a fourteen karat version of the cannagar. Each product comes with a separate humidor. Diego Pellicer provides the best product to its customers surpassing the expectations.

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc Secures a 2nd Store Location in Denver

Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc has announced securing a 2nd store location. It will be developed in the upscale style for the customers are already well accustomed.

Brief Information about Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc

The real estate and retail development firm, Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc is aiming to develop Diego Pellicer as a premium marijuana brand for the first time worldwide. The non-cannabis and cannabis products are produced in a facility that adheres to high quality standards. Its initial focus on acquiring and developing the real estate locations that are legally compliant.


What Is The Buzz Surrounding Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:DPWW)?

In the last trading session, the stock price of Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc (OTCMKTS:DPWW) declined more than 8% to close the week at $0.135. During the session, the traded share volume was 13,500 compared to average share volume of 27,915.

The company issued PR last in the month of February, wherein it stated that its global brand Diego Pellicer announced the grand opening of Denver-based dispensary tenant. The dispensary was set to start at the previous site of VIP Cannabis, the same dispensary that was invaded in November 2013 as part of the federal raid against Colorado’s medicinal marijuana industry.

The details

In the same press release, it was mentioned that in Denver, the dispensary will offer thousands of Denver residents with regulated access to cannabis in a classy, high-end location. Diego reported that the building was previously owned by VIP Cannabis, which was battered by federal raids on doubt of funneling funds from Colombia to buy a large warehouse for expanding cannabis.

Neil Demers, the Diego Pellicer – Colorado’s CEO, commented that they couldn’t be more thrilled to start this dispensary. The cannabis market is expanding at an unparalleled rate, and they are extremely grateful to have the prospect to help establish Colorado’s statewide market. They are assured that state-specific management will continue to advance the cannabis industry as the profitable, innovative and legitimate space that it is.

Diego Pellicer Worldwide is an international firm focused on the acquisition and advancement of legally compliant sites for the objective of leasing to approved operators engaged in the cannabis operations. The firm profits from the lease disbursements of real estate assets and from the sale of branded, non-cannabis offerings. Diego Pellicer – Colorado marks as an autonomous brand licensee from Denver, CO focused on operating and owning egally compliant dispensary and cultivation operations.

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