CBD Unlimited Inc (OTCMKTS:EDXC) Acquires Kush Inc

CBD Unlimited Inc (OTCMKTS:EDXC) has taken over Kush Inc. The media-driven special entity – Kush is engaged in building brands via strategic relationships and marketing. It also owns to support the labels for distribution, production, and the sale of materials derived from hemp. CBD Unlimited acquired Kush to benefit from a growing interest in natural products across the world.

Charlie to work full time at CBD Unlimited

Founder and President of Kush, Charlie Mohr, will work full time at CBD Unlimited under the newly formed subsidiary. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CBD Unlimited, Todd Davis, said the newly acquired Kush will support its strategy of entering into new markets. He said the company will extend its product line to the clothing brands and sustainable substitutes under the Kushwear brand.

Todd said the company will focus on introducing innovative products going forward through expansion. Charlie will join the team at CBD Unlimited to support the company with his unmatched proficiency.

Works closely with R&D Team of Kush

Following the takeover, CBD Unlimited will work closely with the R&D team of Kush to unveil a myriad of innovative products. CBD Unlimited has posted an increase of 101% in revenues in 2019. It has achieved the target of establishing 5,000 stores in just three months. The company is continuing its growth trajectory to achieve planned objectives.

Interview with Stock News Report

CBD Unlimited’s interview with Stock News Report is now available for the public at the market site of NASDAQ. Todd has introduced its product launch and discussed on global growth, growth within the pharmacy/ mass retail outlets, testing product efficiency, dosing, scientific background of the company, record revenues, and acquisition goals during his live appearance on the NASDAQ MarketSite.

According to CBD Unlimited, it is well poised to benefit from large retail partnerships. It expects to report higher sales this year. Todd said he is pleased to join live discussion at Stock News Now with Jane King. He said the prudent efforts put in by the company in the hemp market segment is yielding positive results in terms of growth, completion of the acquisitions, and enhanced revenues.


CBD Unlimited Inc (OTCMKTS:EDXC) Posts Robust Revenues Of $1.49 Million In 2019

CBD Unlimited Inc (OTCMKTS:EDXC) has posted revenues of $1.49 million in 2019. It is an increase of 101% year on year. The company delivered excellent growth and performance because of increased store count across the nation and product diversity.

Supports markets with premium products

CBD Unlimited continues to deliver premium products for pets and humans because of its strong presence in the hemp industry. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CBD Unlimited, Todd Davis, said the company has expanded its operations worldwide. The company has also focused on delivering chocolates to topical to US consumers. It is also ramping up its efforts to improve its store count because it aims to satisfy the needs of customers through e-commerce and retail channels.

Eager to improve production levels

CBD Unlimited plans to improve production levels in 2020 to meet the growing demand for its products from major retailers and consumers. Todd said the company plans to stay ahead in its long term business goals by leveraging its strategies. CBD Unlimited has big plans for this year with the next generation 2.0 products. The company expects to benefit from the customer’s need for innovative and natural products.

CBD Unlimited is developing its business operations by reestablishing processing strategies in collaboration with major merchants. The company initiated these strategies after passing of the Safe Banking Act by the US House of Representatives in September 2019. Passage of the Safe Banking act eliminates the risks of involving CRB (Cannabis Business related Business Banking) and offers excellent opportunities for financial institutions.

Safe banking act supports CBD Unlimited’s growth

The safe banking act strengthens the growth of CBD Unlimited because the company expects efficient services in the future. It helps to build long term strategy with consumers and partners. It has not accepted offshore banking solutions because the underwriting process is frustrating and time-consuming.

The Safe banking act offers a safe harbor for insurers, financial institutions, and businesses because it eliminates criminal association in providing financial services to the companies engaged in the cannabis business in legalized states. CBD Unlimited will continue to safeguard data and privacy of consumers and provide its services to the Foreign Service providers. It will continue to maintain compliance with regulators.


ENDEXX ORD (OTCMKTS:EDXC) To Open Approximately 5000 Stores Nationwide

ENDEXX ORD (OTCMKTS:EDXC), now CBD Unlimited, today stated its pivotal strategic initiatives. The CEO of the company, Todd Davis, says it was impressive for the company to have surpassed the set year-end target. The plan was to set up about 5,000 retail stores, and despite a few challenges, this has been achieved.

Steps to reach company goals

Davis opined, “With energetic determination, we continue to see tremendous growth in demand, both nationally and internationally. Our focus remains with our consumers and stakeholders as we continue to expand our product reach.”

The official added that they were in talks with some other leading retailers to discuss ways to enhance business. Market observers have also commented, saying that indeed, the company has ramped up its business operations at an exponential rate. They have also congratulated the company for hitting its set target three months before the targeted time.

When the demand for superior CBD products surged, CBD Unlimited, with immediate effect, knew more work was to be done. That is why it took to set up a robust pilot program. It made this announcement in mid-July 2019. In the near term, the business giant hopes to have established between 8,000-10,000 stores.

CBD Unlimited says it will continue doing its best to become one of the leading contributors to the dynamic industry. It states that in the previous year it increased its stores by 500%. This percentage represents a rise in the store count from 1000 to about 5000 or even more.

Focus into the future

CBD Unlimited says it won’t hesitate to take up any business growth opportunity that might present itself. The CBD market is booming at the moment. This business sees the roll-out plans as its ticket to generating higher revenues.

The 5000 figure comprises of some 4000 plus Major Drug and Grocery Outlets and 300 convenient stores. The remaining 1000 has Wellness centers, Doctor’s offices, independent retail stores, and Vet and Animal care facilities.

CBD Unlimited has several long-term goals. However, the most outstanding is marketing and selling its products on a wider scale. The company hopes to increase its customers, even on a global scale.


CBD Unlimited Reaches 7.5 Million Wholesale Products Completion Milestone

CBD Unlimited, previously known as ENDEXX ORD (OTCMKTS:EDXC) announced a few days ago that it successfully achieved one of its major production milestones for 7.5 Million Wholesale Products to fulfill its initial demand requirements.

The announcement marks a major achievement for the company which deals with innovative phytonutrient food products as well as nutrients. The production milestone also marks another great quarter for CBD Unlimited and it hopes to achieve bigger targets before the end of 2019. The company has demonstrated its ability to run its production activities at full scale.

“Last year, we grew CBD Unlimited’s distribution to over 1,000 distribution channels. With full-scale production capabilities, we are confident that we will reach at least 5,000 by 2020,” stated Todd Davis, the Chairman, and CEO of CBD Unlimited.

The recently passed Farm Bill contributed to heavy market demand

Davis also noted that the Farm Bill which was passed into law in December last year played a role in the surging demand that the company experienced in Q1 2019. According to the CEO’s statement, the company’s national product reach has been growing. He also believes that this growth will allow the company to satisfy the high demand in the market. CBD Unlimited hopes to continue expanding its production capacity in line with the growing demand. The firm also expects demand to continue growing over the next two years.

CBD Unlimited has been nurturing a strong product portfolio

CBD Unlimited has two main technology products and services that it introduced in 2014, and two hemp-derived all-natural, consumable products that it develops and distributes to the market. One of the products is a trademarked, CBD-infused dog chew called Phyto-Bites. The product is designed to reduce inflammation, pain and separation anxiety.

The company recently introduced its Premium Blue Line CBD to retail customers in March this year during the 2019 ECRM Hemp/CBD Health & Beauty Care conference. The product is a duo-therapy and targeted-delivery product suite that features controlled dosing. The products have so far achieved a strong level of positive customer experience and can be fully scaled for mass market production as well as delivery.


CBD Unlimited, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EDXC) And Global Financial Ecosystems, Inc. Kick Off New Joint Venture

CBD Unlimited, Inc. (OTCMKTS:EDXC) formerly known as Endexx closed Thursday’s trading session at $0.13 and the performance has not gotten better despite announcing that it struck a joint venture with Global Financial Ecosystems, Inc.

CBD Unlimited announced the joint venture with Global Financial Ecosystems towards the end of January 2019. The two companies will work on a “Special Purpose Vehicle” through which they will combine their technologies as well as initiatives. The move is aimed at speeding up their entry into international markets. Both CBD Unlimited and GFE will jointly create distribution channels and a launch IPO through an international stock exchange. This will allow the two companies to focus on generating more shareholder value.

“Through this unique collaboration agreement CBDU and GFe can efficiently combine efforts and technology applications as we expand into international markets,” stated CBD Unlimited CEO Todd Davis.

This is how the two companies plan to achieve their joint goals

Davis also noted that the SPV would help the two companies to unlock more value while maximizing investor potential. The firms also expect it to encourage global investors to participate in their growth initiative. GFe will invest directly into a Jamaican-based initiative run by CBD Unlimited as part of their agreement.  GFe will at first contribute $2.5 million which will be used to purchase property and also the construction of a manufacturing facility.

GFe will also provide its technology suite to the joint venture including its cryptocurrency and fiat currency delivery and processing systems and biometric verification and identification software. It will also take advantage of 3D CAD/CAM printing for low cost as well as commercial buildings that facilitate innovative operations on a global scale. Meanwhile, CBD Unlimited will leverage GFe’s technology suite to make its entry into the European and Canadian market. The two firms hope that resource collaboration as part of their joint venture will make it easier to tap into the international market.

Gilles Kelly, the CEO of GFe stated that both his company and CBD Unlimited plan to advance and evolve the management of the CBD industry. They plan to use a new type of specialized technology as well as collaborations with industry leaders to take the industry to a new level.


ENDEXX Corp. (OTCMKTS:EDXC) Introduces Two New Product Releases From Phyto Labs LLC

ENDEXX Corp. (OTCMKTS:EDXC) reported the launch of two new offerings from its Phyto Labs segment. The preliminary offering line Amrita™ is intended at enhancing recovery and energy and provides formulas for 4 uniquely flavored Cannabidiol beverages. The company has also introduced Nightcaps©.

The details

Todd Davis, the CEO of ENDEXX, reported that they are delighted to be launching new offerings from their premium CBD line. Following the acquisition deal of Phyto Labs, the company has spent a notable time in R&D and consider they are developing premium products that benefit their consumers in improving their wellness, health and overall lifestyle. The biofeedback by both clients and patients has been extraordinary and sustains to lead preliminary product adoption and success.

The company bought Phyto in March 2017. Each product advanced has been thoroughly assessed and tested in a medical and clinical environment. The ingredients have been evaluated to perform therapeutically and advance health and wellness measurably. Currently, there are numerous offerings in the pipeline that are in last phases of development for launch to Endexx’s retail and commercial clientele. New products can be seen at the new site

Endexx provides innovative technology and inventory management solutions. The company, with its collaborative associates and consultants, develops and supplies two consumable product lines got from industrial hemp, which is naturally rich and organic in phytocannabinoids. Phyto-Bites® is its cannabinoid-infused soft chews for dogs.

The treats are formulated to enhance health and support the decline of separation anxiety, inflammation and pain. Endexx also possesses two technology services and products that were introduced in 2014 — the Autospense™ and the M3hub.

Both products offer essential solutions to support regulatory compliance and full accountability via seed-to-sale inventory management as well as End-of-Sale technology integration. Grounded on principles advanced by the pharmacological market, the m3hub platform marks as the first standardized software offering for tracking pharmaceutical grade pot that maintains compliance with state, local and federal regulations.

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