Indiva Limited (OTCMKTS:NDVAF) Reports Decline In Net Revenue In Q2

Indiva Limited (OTCMKTS:NDVAF) has announced its operating and financial results for the second quarter. The company reported a decline in net revenue after reporting $173,500 down from $241,396 in the first quarter.

Sales dropped in Q2

The decline in sales was a result of regulatory delays and timing issues related to product shipment. In the third and fourth quarter, the company will bring capsules, tinctures as well as new strains which with additional licensed capacity will spur revenue growth.

Operating loss narrowed in the quarter due to lower one-time cost related to terminations and lease buyout. Net loss per share in the quarter was $0.03.

The company enhanced its workforce in the quarter anticipation to approval by Health Canada for more cultivation and processing rooms. Currently, the company has four grow rooms, and it expects Health Canada to approve three more fully built rooms. In the third quarter, the company plans to deliver new varieties such as Super Silver Haze.

Once Health Canada approves the company’s application to sell cannabis oils, Indiva will deliver INDIVA capsules and tinctures for the recreational and medical market.

Expansion of production and distribution

At the beginning of this year the company engaged Lucid Lab Group to aid in the designing, construction as well as commissioning of an ethanol-based extraction operation at the London, Ontario facility. Construction of the procession, manufacturing and refinement space is expected to be finalized in Q4 2109. The extractor will process around 70 tonnes of biomass which will result in over 4 million grams of distillate.

The addition of more grow rooms will increase the output of dry flower by over 1,000 kg. Two of the three grow rooms were populated at the end of the quarter and the other at the beginning of July. The company expects to harvest from the rooms in the third quarter.

In July the company announced that it had received approval to distribute dry flower, capsules, and pre-rolls in Quebec. This will give the company access to over 17 million potential customers. Last month the company announced the signing of a definitive agreement to offer extraction services to TerraAscend.


Indiva Ltd (OTCMKTS:NDVAF) Imports 3 Premium CBD Strains From Medropharm GmbH

Indiva Ltd (OTCMKTS:NDVAF) has announced the import of three CBD strains from Greenfields Health Care S.A and Medopharm GmbH. Chief Executive Officer of Indiva Ltd., Niel Marotta said the company signed a pact with Medopharm GmbH in 2017. According to the CEO, the company is now propagating tissue cultures of three stains in the growth chamber.

Indiva is the sole producer of CBD strains in Canada. The company is extremely happy to maintain a healthy relationship with Greenfields and Medopharm GmbH. Both are providing the support and guidance in the cultivation. The three strains received from the Swiss producer are rich in CBD. The products derived from these strains offer a great benefit to the population in Canada.

Indiva Ltd Ambitious To Become a Hub of Marijuana Brands Worldwide

Indiva Ltd is aiming to become a center for marijuana brands worldwide. With the proposed legalization of marijuana both internationally and in Canada, the company is adding products such as customer friendly cannabis products and safe edibles in its product line. The company will engage in the production and distribution of Sapphire Salt, Ruby Cannabis Sugar, and Bang Chocolates in Canada leveraging the JVs and license accords. With the liberalization of marijuana laws in the near future worldwide, the company will use the Canadian operations to develop a market for the cannabis products.

Indiva Ltd Unveils an E-Commerce Store To Sell Cannabis Accessories and Other Unique Products

Indiva Ltd has announced the launch of an e-commerce store to sell cannabis accessories including lighters, bongs, pipes, and vaporizers. The company will also sell unique items such as branded water bottle. It is also aiming to sell dry flowers and cannabis oils from the medical website soon.

Indiva Ltd Announces Signing Non-binding LOI to Purchase a License in Denmark

Indiva Ltd has entered into a non-binding LOI (letter of intent) with AEssense Europe to purchase handling and cannabis cultivation license in Denmark. Danish Medical Agency has awarded the medical cannabis cultivation license to AEssense Europe in early 2018. Indiva will pay the cash of US$1.1 million for the license to AEssense Europe. It will also provide 1.6 million shares as per the terms of the deal.


Niel Marotta Speaks About Indiva (OTCMKTS:NDVAF) And Its Plans In An Interview

Indiva (OTCMKTS:NDVAF) is one of the trusted and licensed cannabis producers around the globe. Niel Marotta is the founder of this business and it looks forward to achieve high levels of business success. One widely renowned news sources today hosted Niel Marotta and the official had a lot to say regarding their operations and plans.

Marotta’s perspective

In the interview, this company founder speaks elaborately regarding the inception of the business and their particular mission. Asides from that, the interviewer pushes the official to crack up on latest changes. Neil spoke about the inclusion of the business in the ‘Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences exchange-traded fund.’

Marotta speaks out about all these issues and delves deeper to address the matter about the branding strategy.

Pete Young happens to be the company’s master grower and Niel seems to dwell quite much on the expert. He speaks on what they stand to gain from him as a company. The leader discloses that Pete has all along been a major crusader for the company’s cannabis. The crusader has conducted campaigns for the business for almost 20 years according to Neil.

A closer outlook

It goes without saying that Pete determines quite a great deal of success for this company. The trick lies in the official grasping every little thing about this company’s history. Peter also takes immense pride in having understood the actual sense of what the customers want. As a matter of fact he has a lot of knowledge on the grow side.

The other thing Neil speaks of in an elaborate way is the pending legalization in the state of Canada. The leader expresses optimism that they will soon witness and enjoy changes deemed to happen from October.

What matters the most to them as a company is their ability to talk to bud-tenders and customers. They seek to let them know all the products licensed out of the U.S.

This company also has plans underway to launch a new cannabis outlet. It plans to set it up in its facility in London.

Marotta opined, “We believe our location is well-situated in London, and we will be ready to open the Indiva retail store on April 1, 2019.”

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