Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) Mobilizes Funds Of $5 Million To Support Acquisition Of Cannabis Infused Edibles, Beverages, Topical Operations

Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) expects to receive a $5 million investment. The company will use the funds to support the takeover of cannabis edibles, beverages, and topical operations. It already divulged plans to clinch the market opportunities by acquiring smaller companies engaged in cannabis infusion operations. According to the analysis by several investment analysts in the cannabis space, consolidation is on the cards wherein larger firms acquire smaller cannabis companies.

Withdraws funds for acquisitions

Puration will withdraw funds when required to support the acquisitions. It will repay the debt in stock at a share price of $0.10. The company secures the debt with acquired assets. It expects to make a takeover offer in the next ten days. 

Demand continues to grow for CBD

Goldman Research surveyed on behalf of Puration to know the demand for CBD in the wake of comments issued by the US FDA. Puration will use the survey results to gauge its approach to the CBD market. The survey measured the consumer’s reaction to the negative comments issued by the US FDA in respect of CBD. According to the survey, the comments of the FDA have little impact on consumer sentiment, and the demand for CBD continues upward.

Brian Shibley, Chief Executive Officer of Puration, said the survey provides the feedback because the company pursues options to expand cannabis-infused beverages production. It will include CBD infused topical and edibles in the production to meet the growing demand. He said the investment comes at a time when the company is moving forward aggressively to expand the production of CBD infused consumer products besides acquisitions.

Formal offer for CBD infused confections operation

Puration expects to make an offer for CBD infused confections operation within ten days. The target company is engaged in the production of CBD infused Gum and CBD infused Gummies. Following the takeover, Puration would merge the CBD confections business into its existing operations. It expects that the demand for CBD infused Gummies would reach $6.9 billion by the year 2025.

Puration is engaged in the production of EVERx sports water to meet the growing demand for the sports nutrition market. The company also distributes EVERx in Africa, the US, Europe, and Latin America.


Puration Inc. (OTCMKTS:PURA) Finalizes Acquisition To Bring Bottling of CBD Beverage to Europe

Puration Inc. (OTCMKTS:PURA) has announced that it has finalized the acquisition of a Germany company. This will enable Puration to bottle its CBD drinks locally and supply them throughout Europe.

Puration takes EVERx CBD Sports Water to Europe

The acquisition comes at the back of Puration, entering a distribution agreement to supply its EVERx CBD Sports water and other beverages in Europe. The distribution agreement will add approximately $4 million in sales in 2020.according to the management, the European market is huge, and the sales projection needed the establishment of a local bottling capacity.

By 2023 the CBD market in Europe will be around $17 billion. The expansion to Europe is part of the company’s strategy to expand the bottling of beverages outside Latin America and Canada. The company has indicated that it will close the acquisition on November 14.

The company has already started marketing the EVERx CBD Sports Water in Europe. The company launched the beverage at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival In Barcelona. The water was introduced first in 2017 at the Arnold Classic in Ohio in 2017. It has grown to be part of the global Arnold Sports Festival events.

EVERx Sports Water is a leading CBD infused beverage that is growing sales rapidly. In the first half of this year, the company generated sales of $1 million from the water, and it is targeting sales of around $4 million by the end of 2019. This will be different from the current anticipated $4 million from the distribution agreement.

Puration Announces LOI for an acquisition in Latin America

Besides the acquisition in German, the company also announced a possible acquisition in Latin America same as that of Germany. The acquisition is designed to enhance foothold for the company to bottle the CBD infused beverages locally in Latin America. The Latin America CBD market is budding, and it is showing signs of massive potential. By 2028 it is estimated that the market will hit $9 billion.


Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) Announces The New Distribution Agreement With Beverage Distributors Inc

Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) has entered a new distribution agreement. The company signs the agreement with the Ohio Corporation Beverage Distributors Inc, which was set up back in 1933. The initial owner of this business was Frank Blazy, who later surrendered it to his son Henry. It has been undertaking successful operations, and that explains why 86 years down the line it still stands. Currently, Beverage Distributors is run by the Conway Family, which says it embraces the latest agreement fully.

The new move will see Beverage Distributors engage in the distribution and sale of a wide range of products from Kona Gold. Some of the products include the HighDrate CBD Energy Waters and Energy Drinks that will be distributed across Ohio. The major markets are looking forward to purchasing the products.

Details about Beverage Distributors

To date, Beverage Distributors still operates as a family-owned business. Its uniqueness lies in the way if it pays a keen focus on delivering customer experiences every day. BDI represents several top-notch products. These include brands such as Heineken USA, Boston Beer Company, Miller Coors, and the Diageo-Guinness USA.

The others are Mike’s Hard Lemonade Company and multiple craft breweries. Reports indicate that BDI is one of the biggest distributors for Miller Brewing Company, which is found in Ohio. This time around, BDI welcomes the business giant Kona to the Family and is quite pleased to make a move.

Company’s progressive moves and future expectations

The V.P. of Sales of Kona Gold Solutions Chris Selinger has also been speaking about the latest move. He supports it a huge deal saying it will help the company increase its revenues by a significant margin.

He opined, “I am delighted to announce Kona Gold will be available across the great state of Ohio by way of our new distributor partnership with Beverage Distributors. Beverage Distributors reach and experienced team will be vital to our success in key markets in Ohio.”

Kona Gold has, in recent times, engaged in several positive developments. The other one was the August move that saw the company collaborate with Imperial Beverage. The business partner has been successfully distributing Kona Gold’s wide range of products in Michigan.


Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) Projects Its 2019 CBD Beverage Sales Target

Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) has remained a top seller of EVERx CBD Sports Water for quite a while now. The company’s CEO Brian Shibley says they are moving into a European Distribution Agreement for their leading product.

The agreement and what it entails

He released the details about the agreement through a presentation and said the company might generate high revenues. According to him, they might even make $4 on an annual basis. The presentation was conducted at the Arnold Sports Festival in Barcelona.

Some shareholders have been piling pressure on the company to disclose the distributor the company is collaborating with. So far, it remains a mystery for them since the business guru hasn’t named the distributor yet.

PURA faces pressure to name its new distributor

 PURA hasn’t yet announced the distributor doesn’t mean it is going to keep it a secret forever. Meanwhile, it needs to look out for the interests of its new clients and partners. The problem is that an early announcement usually results in new clients and partners receiving some unsolicited calls. Most of them are not welcoming of such calls, and the company should protect them.

The company has also revealed the findings from a research body known as Goldman Small Cap. This researcher had been entrusted with carrying out a CBD beverage industry survey on behalf of the company and is already through with the process. PURA says it will soon unveil the information collected from the survey. The business guru usually conducts such surveys to help enhance existing products or introducing new ones. The plan at the moment is to launch new CBD infused coffee, beer, and tea beverages.

PURA also intends to publish updates of its new coffee infused with CBD as well as the unveiling of TranquiliTeaCBD. It also knows that the shareholders are eager to know the company’s progress update. In this regard, it intends to provide more information about the 2019 $4 million sales milestone.

Over the past six months, the company has already managed to generate about $1 million in CBD beverage sales. In the previous year, it generated about $1 million as well. The new milestone seems high, but only time will tell.


Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) Wins Major Order For EVERx CBD Sports Water In Europe In Response To Arnold Sports Festival Held in Barcelona Last Week

Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) has confirmed that it will receive the first large order for EVERx CBD Sports Water in Europe. The company expects to receive this order later this week from a distributor, who generates Euro 4 billion annual sales by supplying to the grocery chain. It is in response to the marketing campaign that started last week at the Arnold Sports Festival in Barcelona.

Expects quarterly sales of $1 million

Puration expects to generate quarterly sales of $1 million next year through its recent accord with a large distributor in Europe. It is on track to meet the analyst’s estimate of $8 million sales next year. The company would ensure the first shipment next month to the distributor in Europe. Puration expects to ship the innovative TranquiliTeaCBD beverage to the European Distributor before the end of next year. The company has launched TranquiliTeaCBD beverage on September 25, 2019.

Goldman small cap research puts a target of $0.35

According to a communicative from Puration on September 25, 2019, Goldman Small Cap Research report has put a buy rating for a target of $0.35 PPS. The research report covers the CBD Beverage business of Puration and the CBD industry.

The CBD infused sports nutrition of Puration has generated sales of more than $1 million in 2018. It has reported sales of more than $1 million in the first half of 2019. The company expects to achieve sales of $4 million by the end of 2019.

Exchanges 120 million preferred shares

Puration has received $1.2 million convertible note from Nouveau Inc after spinning off the cannabis cultivation business to the latter in October 2018. The company has exchanged the convertible notes in July 2019 into common stock of Nouveau. Now, Puration and Nouveau are working to pass on the dividend of the preferential shares to Puration shareholders.

The spin-off to Nouveau included a farming operation that comprises twenty-five operating greenhouses. It also consists of an additional 400 greenhouses ready for operation. The twenty-five greenhouses are engaged in nursery operations because marijuana and hemp cultivation are not legitimate at that time. Following the legalization, the Texas-based operations are adopting hemp cultivation. Nouveau expects to generate revenue of $10 million in 2020.


Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) Targets $4 Million Sales For CBD Infused Beverages And Complements Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB) For Its Strategy To Focus On Legal Hemp-Derived CBD in The US

Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) has given a pat on the back of Aurora Cannabis Inc (NYSE:ACB) for its decision to focus on the legal hemp-derived CBD in the US. The company has already established its name in the sports market of the US.

Aurora Cannabis enters a pact with UFC

Aurora Cannabis has already signed an accord with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to advance clinical research on athlete wellness and recovery and hemp-derived cannabidiol products. It is a multi-year, exclusive, and multi-million dollar partnership. This pact helps to expedite the development of CBD products and focus on education. UFC broadcasts its program to more than 170 nations worldwide. It commands viewership of 300 million. More than 1 billion households watch programmes in 40 different languages.

Aurora plans to use CBD to treat sports-related pains and helps quick recovery. On the other hand, PURA focuses on sports nutrition market with its EVERx CBD Sports Water. The brand worked with Cee Jay Hamilton and Juliana Penna, prominent fighters of the UFC. PURA has an exclusive license to the patented cannabis extraction process of Kali-Extracts. Further, it also gets access to R&D on various applications of CBD. The company has participated in Arnold Sports Festival to market its EVERx CBD Sports water worldwide.

PURA will launch a campaign this week in Barcelona, Spain to market its EVERx CBD products in Europe. The company views the strategy of Aurora Cannabis as the validation of its long term strategy.

PURA plans $4 million worth CBD beverages

The production of CBD Beverages at the facility of PURA exceeded $1 million in 2018. PURA has already produced more than $1 million worth CBD in H1 of 2019. The company plans to manufacture CBD beverages worth $4 million in 2019.

According to Goldman Small Cap Research, investors indulged in the speculative buy of PURA and set a target of $0.25 PPS. It is on the background of the announcement of market survey results of CBD infused beverages and the expansion plans of these beverages. PURA is poised in the market with its CBD beverages. It is on the proposed expansion of CBD Infused tea that has anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.

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