Sipp Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:SIPC) Announce Second Completion Run Of Major H-IPA And Unveils New Label Design

Sipp Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:SIPC) continues their rapid expansion as they have announced the completion of the second run of Major Hemp H-IPA to be packaged this month and ready for immediate distribution. Besides, they have the company has stated an eye-catching new label design for Major Hemp H-IPA.

Momentum for Rapid Expansion Growing

It’s merely a few months ago when Sipp industries initiated their first Major Hemp H-IPA. During the time, sales of Hemp-infused IPA in cans was being carried in at least twenty-five locations across the state of Illinois which included pubs, restaurants as well as liquor stores.

And now, precisely three months later, the company’s Major Hemp H-IPA has been placed in more than establishments across Illinois. The company is experiencing brisk sales momentum as well as month over month growth which has indeed exceeded both external and internal expectations.

As a result, Sipp industries has taken a step forward to hire a dedicated sales executive or account manager who will conduct new prospect marketing as well as hemp brew tastings and attend the craft beer events around Illinois.

Also, the individual will be responsible for managing as well as expanding the business with the major accounts like Binny’s Beverage Depot as well as Armanetti’s together with new major grocery and convenience store chains which are coming online.

The New Label Design

It seems like the company had listened to the feedback that their customers have always been giving. The company has therefore gone ahead to release a new eye-catching label design for Major Hemp H-IPA.

The new label has excited the current buyers as well as Major Hemp’s distributors who believe the new design will further enhance the sales within the current existing customer base and also attract other new patrons and accounts.

According to Ted Jorgensen, President at Major Hemp, attaining more than 75 locations is indeed a milestone achieved comparing that it has been achieved in less than 100 days. Sipp industries is making rapid expansions, and as they expect to hire a new team member plus the enactment of federal hemp legalization and FDA certifying active hemp ingredient in beers, the company seems only to get better.


Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SIPC) Increases Establishments For Major Hemp Brown Ale

Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SIPC) a multifaceted firm specializing in manufacturing, distribution and technology of consumer and commercial products, reported that new orders and demand for Major Hemp Brown Ale continue to increase while adding 7 new establishments just in last week.

The highlights

Major Hemp Brown Ale has been included to more Denver area setups including The Colorado Keg House, The Pint Room and Downstairs Bar + Kitchen. The Mainline Ale House will also start to offer the premium craft beer. Last week, Major Hemp, a subsidiary of Sipp, has obtained 3 more purchase orders from its supplier and will continue to list new outlets offering Major Hemp Brown Ale on the firm website.

Ted Jorgensen, the President of Major Hemp, noted that they have spent time at the outlets offering Major Hemp Brown Ale and the response has been tremendously positive. From patrons to bar managers everyone enjoys the uniqueness and taste of the beer. They have barely extended their reach into the Colorado and Denver market and are thrilled to continue building their client base.

Sipp Industries intends to host special events at numerous new and current establishments offering Major Hemp Brown Ale. It intends to give Major Hemp Brown Ale kegs to consumers in fete of 4/20. Jorgensen added that they look forward to meeting shareholders and customers while they introduce Major Hemp Brown Ale to more locations. More details on 4/20 will be offered on the social media and website in coming week.

Sipp continues to advance with the next development stage of Major Hemp Brown Ale. With extensive discussions with its distributor, brewer and customers the firm is deciding on strategies to package new product in cans or bottles.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Sipp declined more than 11% to close the trading session at $0.0203.


Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SIPC) And Wanderport Corporation Partners

Sipp Industries, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SIPC) reported that upon exploration of their matching synergies, a partnership was formed to offer premium bulk hemp seed as well as oil for Wanderport’s increasing selection of hemp based products and premium hemp coffee and CBD line.

The update

Wanderport’s top hemp Sapa Coffee™ blends are made accessible in an increasing number of grocery outlets and small commerce in Southern California. As preferred bulk supplier of CBD and hemp-infused offerings, Sipp is thrilled about the prospect of supporting hemp and CBD market growth via an entirely new facet of the market.

Due to increased demand for specialty hemp based products, the business division is being actively supported. Wanderport has scaled to the point of being capable to get a substantial value by buying ingredients in quantity, hence reducing production costs.

Anna Seidman, the CEO of Wanderport, reported that as they continue to perfect the products quality, finding the right associates in this industry is important. The level of product excellence they have known with Sipp Industries increases their future expectations.

Wanderport’s premium hemp coffee line is available for retail sale on the Sapa Coffee™ and Corporate web store as well as on Amazon platform. Additionally, with continually gaining momentum of Major Hemp Brown Ale, the management is boarding on the exploration of expanded wrapping of the beer to include bottled and canned selections. Since advancement is going well in its sales, the management is convinced that the potential for distributing bottled and canned selections can be extremely commercially advantageous.

CEO Syman Vong reported that what they have known from keg sales and current taste tests is that, as coverage broadens, customer response remains definitively positive. Thus, they consider that the time for real consideration of diversified packaging for increased distribution alternatives has come. Wanderport is a premier distributor of food, drinks and consumer products formulated with hemp.

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