Supreme Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:SPRWF) Announces The Completion Of Its First Shipment To Israel

Supreme Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:SPRWF) has for the first time shipped its cannabis products from Canada to Israel. This is the first successful shipment it has managed between the two countries. Reports indicate that the business guru collaborated with Breath of Life International Ltd in its quest to serves patients in Israel with the Truverra-branded premium medical cannabis products. Breath of Life International Ltd happens to be one of the most outstanding producers of medical cannabis and related products.

The Interim President and CEO of Supreme Cannabis called Colin Moore has spoken about the matter. This official outlines that the recent transaction was going to translate into an outstanding and long-term revenue generation opportunity for the company. He also looks at the recent developments as a breakthrough that will witness Truverra’s global medical brand gain a major boost in what is currently regarded as one of the most sophisticated medical cannabis markets globally.

Moore has recognized BOL Pharma and the support it has been giving them when it comes to helping them navigate the complex regulatory landscapes of the two countries. He says that it was an important addition because it saw them attain the set compliance requirements. He had been referring to the requirements put in place by the regulatory authorities in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The official is also quick to observe how much they had benefited from the skilled team from BOL Pharma. He also spoke about the importance of gaining international experience and the hope of his company rising to take up one of the leading positions in Israel. That was specifically in terms of achieving immense business success in the country and being at the forefront.

Moore also emphasized the great need for Supreme Cannabis to learn a lot from Truverra’s CEO Jeff Adams. He thinks that will work for the company as it continues striving to benefit from international opportunities. The official said that Adams worked with an exceptional and that is the reason he succeeded at building the medical brand of Truverra to be recognized globally.


Supreme Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:SPRWF) Announces Blissco’s Latest Achievement

Supreme Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:SPRWF) is quite pleased with the latest major step made by its subsidiary Blissco Cannabis Corp. Since its acquisition; this premium wellness brand has focused its efforts and funds into maximizing the production of its cannabis oils. Supreme Cannabis congratulates Blissco for satisfying the conditions and standards set by the regulatory body Health Canada and eventually receiving an oil sales license.

Importance of the license

This license will enable the company to fully focus on the sale of full-spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) oil products. Blissco runs most of its business activities from its facility situated in Langley, British Columbia. Supreme Cannabis has been a major supporter of Blissco’s legacy of premium whole flower products since it acquired it.

 The growing unmet demand for top-quality CBD oil products in Canada requires the company to boost its production capacity. It has been doing a lot ranging from the construction of extraction facilities and labs to offering proper business guidelines. The construction of a large-scale ethanol-based extraction lab will be a costly undertaking. However, Supreme Cannabis has vowed to support the move.

Plans moving forward

Blissco says that it has plans underway to construct an even bigger facility to enable increased CO2-based extraction capability. A person well conversant with the matter, but who wanted his identity kept anonymous has spoken about the facility. According to him, the facility under construction will have the capacity to produce about 7,000,000 tincture bottles every year.

The CEO of Supreme Cannabis Navdeep Dhaliwal promises consumers of the company’s products that they have betters plans for them. These consumers will enjoy the benefits of the top-quality CBD oil products that the premium wellness brand will sell them. Blissco will be counting on its sophisticated expertise of its team to deliver the best products to customers. The hard work of the employees is what has gotten the company and its subsidiary to high success levels.

Asides from introducing its first CBD oil product, Blissco also promises to unveil some other complementary cannabis extract products. It will be doing this in the subsequent quarters.

There is also another interesting announcement. Todd McAdam is going to serve as the new General Manager of the Facility, as was revealed by Supreme Cannabis. He is an experienced professional who has worked in several food and beverage industries for over 30 years.


Supreme Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:SPRWF) Subsidiary To Receives Approval To Gain 50,000 Sqft Expansion

7ACRES, a subsidiary of Supreme Cannabis Inc (OTCMKTS:SPRWF), has received the approval of Health Canada for five additional flowering rooms. Supreme Cannabis made the announcement today outlining that the Ontario facility has been expanded by 50,000 sqft. The additional space will be important towards boosting the production capacity.

Details about the expansion

An official working at 7ACRES says that the expansion of flowering room space is from 180,000 sqft to 230,000 sqft. He adds that the estimated annual production will scale up from approximately 26,250kg to 33,580kg.

Supreme Cannabis hopes to witness further production efficiencies and it attributes that to the licensing of all 25 flowering rooms. The company projects that 7ACRES might be able to produce about 50,000kg.

The President and Founder of Supreme Cannabis John Fowler opines, “With five more flowering rooms at 7ACRES now approved by Health Canada, the finish line is in sight”.

The official adds that 7ACRES is currently working towards attaining full production capacity. If all moves according to plan, it might be able to fulfill the demand of the company’s top-notch cannabis.

Major developments in the course of this year

Supreme Cannabis has in the course of this year made other tremendous steps in business. The company unveiled Cambium Plant Sciences in Goderich, Ontario. Cambium is one of its wholly-owned subsidiaries and it will focus on revolutionizing the agricultural cannabis genetics. Asides from that, it will all work to redefine the cultivation economics and consumer experiences across the global cannabis industry.

Cambium focuses on the systematic application of technology, research, and science in its undertakings. It seeks to develop the next generation of premium cannabis genetics for medical, recreational and wellness applications. The subsidiary’s innovative mission is to serve the fast growing global cannabis market with the agriculturally-focused, disease resistant, premium seed stock.

The General Manager of Cambium Dr. Alan Darlington is optimistic that Cambium will make an important addition to the cannabis industry. He says that will be possible because they intend to revolutionize strain development. This move will enable them to enhance the wider industry’s outputs.

Supreme Cannabis says it has already set aside $14 million for the set up of a cannabis-focused facility. It will focus on cannabis research and innovation.

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