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General Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS:CANN) Appoints New Director To The Board

General Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS:CANN) has announced that Duncan Levin has been elected to the company’s board of directors. Mr. Levin is currently the managing partner of Tucker Levin, PLLC and is also a former federal prosecutor. Added to this, he is an expert in the legal aspects of anti-money laundering, anti-fraud and internal investigations. However, more recently he has been working as a consultant for businesses facing anti-fraud, regulatory issues and other complex challenges.

Robert Frichtel, the CEO of CANN, stated that the new director’s background and expertise would help elevate the company, to a whole new level of professionalism. He further went on to state that Mr. Levin’s unique perspective on legal matters would help General Cannabis in moving through uncharted territory. Mr. Frichtel also voiced his optimism by stating that the new director could help General Cannabis in becoming a premier consultant in this field.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Levin claimed that General Cannabis is destined to become a leader in the industry and it was a delight to join the board at a time of immense growth. He also stated that the cannabis industry was one of the fastest growing industries in the country and with the wide array of support services offered by General Cannabis, it could very well become a leader in the field. Mr. Levin’s appointment comes soon after the company attended the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo, in Las Vegas.

CANN attended the event on November 16-18, where it got the opportunity to meet investors and other business leaders from the industry. It should be noted here that this conference is considered to be one of the premier marijuana conferences of the year. The event was attended by almost the entire management of the company. Moreover, General Cannabis also hosted an after party on November 16, in honor of the legalization of marijuana in several states.

General Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS:CANN) lost 11.01% of its share value, during the November 22 trading session, to reach a close at $3.07 per share. The stock had a trade volume of 557,331, during the session.

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Ohio Lawmakers Admit That Medical Marijuana Is all Ohioans Need

Both chambers of the state’s Republican-led legislature have approved legislation that will lead to the legalization of marijuana use but only for medical purposes. The measure which passed by just a margin of three votes now awaits the approval of the Republican Governor John Kasich.

According to Sen. Kenny Yuko, marijuana legalization will go a long way in decreasing the suffering of many Ohioans. The proposal sounds limiting given that its users cannot smoke or grow it at home and must be in distress of a particular medical condition.

However, it can still be used in vapor form especially by those who suffer from chronic diseases. The bill is not at its best, but it is better than nothing. It will nonetheless, need regulation and licensing, tasks that should be carried out by the State Department of Commerce.

Previously, doctors could not recommend marijuana to their patients for fear of victimization since the Federal Law does not recognize the legality of the drug. This will now be a thing of the past if the bill takes home a win but the doctors would have to seek a recommendation from the medical board.

Among the opponents of the bill was Sen. Jay Hottinger, a Newark Republican whose argument was based on lack of adequate proof of the medical benefits of marijuana. Sen. Bill Coley, R-Liberty Township, who was partially in support of the bill, said that it was much better than the proposed Sen. Bill Coley, R-Liberty Township,

In response to Hotlinger’s claims, Sen. Bill Seitz, a Cincinnati Republican said that Marijuana was not as harmful as cocaine. He is calling on all the Republicans to support the measure. At the same time, he is urging the federal government to recall the drug from being a Schedule I dangerous substances.

The signing of the bill by Kasich will give Ohio the 25th position of the states that have legalized medical marijuana. Nevertheless, a spokesman for the Governor’s office could not disclose whether or not the governor was in support of the bill.

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Orange County Voters To Determine The Fate Of Medical Marijuana On November 8th

Come November 8th, the restrictive medical marijuana environment in Orange County might look entirely different. The Orange County residents are now preparing to vote on legalizing recreational marijuana and for the first time, the local city residents will decide whether medical marijuana businesses should be regulated and taxed.

The city-by-city push

The cash-strapped Placentia has already made its first move on recreational marijuana legalization, as its city council voted to not only allow the operation of its first licensed medical marijuana dispensary but also permit the commercial cultivation of cannabis.

Also, voters in Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa are considering initiatives that can double the number of cities that license the marijuana shops. While these efforts began with citizens, leaders in voters in Laguna Beach and Costa Mesa have seen the message on the wall and are looking to implement their competing plans on the ballot come November 8th.

In Garden Grove, there are ongoing workshops to get the public contribution on the idea of legalizing the marijuana business and recreational uses of cannabis.

The city proposals on the upcoming state vote on legalizing recreational marijuana in California are happening independently. Even if the voters decide that every over 21years Californian can use marijuana, each city in the state will still have the right to either allow or ban dispensaries, grow sites, delivery services and any other marijuana-related business in its borders.

These city-by-city efforts to establish clear marijuana rules seems to a response to the new regulations on medical cannabis that was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in October. This Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act is expected to take full effect in 2018, and it presents a system to license, tax, and regulate marijuana for the first time in 20 years since the medical use of marijuana was legalized in California.

Most people in the marijuana industry say that the state law is the reason local leaders are suddenly supporting the marijuana business. Also, Attorney Randall Longwith, who helped to qualify one of the Costa Mesa’s citizen initiatives, pointed out that there has been s shift over the past year on how leaders perceive medical marijuana.

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Louisiana Gets The Final Legislative Node On Dispensing Medical Marijuana

On Monday, an effort to speed up and widen the distribution of medical marijuana in Louisiana got the final legislative passage. This was stimulated by personal stories from people who had chronic pains and seizures and advocates say that the bill will be eased with Medical marijuana.

Last year, lawmakers created the framework for the medical marijuana program in Louisiana. However, the regulatory hindrances have slowed framework since its initiation.

The bill which was brought forward by Republican Senator Fred Mills, a St. Marti Parish pharmacist, is aimed at broadening the medical marijuana program to cover more diseases. Also, the bill is intended to make necessary regulatory changes aimed at making marijuana oil which cannot be smoked as this will be safe in the patient’s hands.

Senators have consented to the bill

Senators consented to the House changes on the bill with a 22-14 vote, and there was no much debate about the bill. It has been forwarded to the governor John Bel Edwards, who is said that he is ready to sign the bill into law.

Forwarding the bill to governor’s desk implies that the lawmakers have scorned the views from the opposition where the district attorney and local sheriffs described the bill as an attempt to allow the unrestricted recreational use of marijuana.

However, those arguments did not outdo stories from patients who described children who had been struggling with seizures. These patients talked of shifting to Colorado where they would lessen their kid’s suffering. Also, some lawmakers told stories of their friends and family members who are suffering from cancer, epilepsy and other health conditions that can be treated using medical marijuana.

The marijuana law which was passed last year will eventually get medical marijuana to people suffering from severe forms of cerebral epilepsy and cancer. Also, Mill’s bill will add epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, seizures, HIV, muscular dystrophy, and other diseases.

Louisiana State University to hit a deadline

The mill’s bill has also set a deadline for Louisiana State University and the Southern University to make a decision regarding being a state-sanctioned marijuana grower. This effort is aimed at speeding the decision-making process since learning institutions get the first refusal to cultivating marijuana.

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Portland Summit To Adress Marijuana Related Road Accidents

Law enforcers and marijuana experts will meet in Portland on Monday at a summit where they will come up with measures to enhance road safety. They will specifically address the rising number of road accidents caused by drivers under the influence of marijuana.

The law enforcement officers will meet at the impaired-driving summit whose sponsors are the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety and AAA Northern New England. The meeting will address new methods and research aimed at controlling drivers under drug influence. Organizers claim that they will specifically deal with marijuana-impaired driving in readiness of the marijuana legalization efforts in the state.

AAA Northern New England director of public affairs Pat Moody stated that it is necessary to make sure that the authorities are completely prepared to deal with the challenges that will emerge after the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. Maine will vote in November to decide whether it will join the likes of Washington, Colorado, the District of Columbia, Alaska and Oregon which are some of the states that have legalized marijuana for recreation use.

The authorities in these states, especially in Washington, have reported a rise in the number of marijuana-related road accidents since the drug was made legal. The AAA Traffic Safety Foundation claims that the number of fatal accidents in Washington has doubled especially involving drivers under recent influence of marijuana. Researchers also claim that legal limits cannot be accurately set because there is no scientific support.

Unlike alcohol, it is difficult to accurately determine the marijuana levels that are safe to warrant accurate driving and those that are too dangerous. It can, therefore, result in the conviction of innocent drivers and while those that were guilty would walk free. Police officers currently rely on a drug-recognition exam to determine whether a driver’s judgment is impaired. However, there is the need for more efficient tools for the officers to identify situations where drivers are under drug influence. The authorities expect drug-impaired driving cases to rise as marijuana becomes legally accepted and thus the need for them to be prepared.

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Parents Face Mounting Task To Talk Their Teenagers Out Of Using Marijuana

Parents across the US face a mounting task of keeping their adolescent teenagers in check, as marijuana legalization becomes a reality. The legalization of the drug across the country continues to evoke belief among the youth that the drug may after all not be as dangerous as echoed in the past.

 Risks at Hand

It is no longer a secret that a good number of them are already consuming the federally prohibited drug behind their parents back even as state laws prohibit the same. Recreational use of the drug remains banned in a good number of states, but even that has not stopped many of them from consuming it in different forms.

Given that, teenagers always question authority or regulations in place; parents face a mounting task as they move to set the record straight on its usage. Having constructive conversations about the potential effects of using marijuana promises to be the hardest task for most parents.

Parents may have to remind their children of the legal consequences that come with the use of pot for recreational purposes. Some districts have already instituted legislations that bar anyone under the age of 21 from attending organized school activities if found with marijuana. Expulsion or suspension from school are some of the punishments that might come into play in extreme cases.

 Need For Constructive Discussions

The measures may seem adequate, but they could still fall short in instilling the required discipline and refrain among most teenagers. The fact that some celebrities, athletes, and high-profile people in the society smoke pot for recreational use mean most adolescents will always be tempted to use it just to feel equal.

Parents may have to think outside if their children are to shun marijuana use for recreational purposes.

Interactive discussions around the topic should come into play as this is the only way teenagers will be able to understand the good and the bad about marijuana.

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