Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) Finalizes Package Design And Label Design For Its Tauri-Gummies: Receives POs From International/ Kosher Distributors

Tauriga Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:TAUG) has readied the label for its Tauri-Gummies Products. The company has included six hundred grams of CBD Isolate in each Tauri-Gummies jar. It has also readied the package design for CBD Isolate infused gumdrops, which are offered in flavors like lemon, lime, orange, and cherry. They are purely plant-derived products and free from Gelatin. The packaging material is recyclable and environment-friendly.

An inventory of thousand jars

Tauriga has completed the initial production run of its Tauri-Gummies and resulting in an inventory of 1,000 jars. It has increased the CBD Isolate concentration to 25 mg from 15 mg per each Vegan Gum Drop and to 600 mg from 300 mg in each Tauri-Gummies Jar. The initial manufacturer suggested retail price for each jar is set at $24.99. Before introducing the product in the market, Tauriga expects to obtain Kosher certification.

Tauri-Gum is California compliant

CBD Isolate Infused Chewing Gum (Tauri-Gum) is compliant with California standards. The company has engaged North Hollywood, California based CALIGREEN Laboratories to achieve this milestone. It helps the company to receive several purchase orders from California based stores and big retail chains from across the nation. It plans to improve the presence and distribution of Tauri-Gums across the state.

Fulfills international orders

Tauriga has received several orders from overseas and Kosher distributors. It is on the backdrop of operation of Kosherfest 2019 conducted on November 12 and 13, 2019, in Secaucus, New Jersey. The company already shipped a significant portion of the products and received the payments. It will account for the revenues realized from these Purchase Orders in the current quarter and the previous quarter.

Receives interest from several international distributors

Tauriga has received interest in its products from several international distributors. It is in discussions with a Kosher distributor in the UK and expects to receive a purchase order soon. The company is also negotiating with distributors from nations like Barbados, Aruba, Malaysia, France, Israel, Australia, and Canada.

Tauriga also launched an e-commerce site to market its Tauri-Gums. It offers the Tauri-Gums in flavors like Lemon, Orange, Cherry, and Lime. The company is also evaluating additional opportunities to improve revenues and value for shareholders.

By Steven Russell

Steve covers business and investing in emerging medical marijuana markets. Steve graduated from the university of New Orleans with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Steve has published several articles in professional journals and magazines. His experience gives readers an inside look at the intersection of his specialties, business and medical marijuana.

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