Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTCMKTS:UBQU) CEO’s Open Letter To Shareholders

Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTCMKTS:UBQU) CEO released an open letter to shareholders wherein it was reported that the CEO intends to address company’s shareholders directly so that they have a better understanding of the firm, and its strategies and goals. While it is not feasible to update people on all the accomplishments so far, this year, he doesn’t intend to clarify a few things so that when news is released it will be more notable and shareholders will have a better understanding.

The details

Ubiquitech CEO expressed that they have been busy, and they are really seeing the initiatives of the firm coming to fruition as they enter into the winter and fall. Growing a successful firm with new segments while managing shareholder expectations is vital, but, they are committed to this, and intend their shareholders to understand their model, their processes, and what they consider this will bring them.

HempLife Today is company’s premiere segment and it is doing great. Ubiquitech has been witnessing consistent growth as demonstrated by their quarterly financials. The Cannazall CBD offerings are the purest and finest they can make them, and their expanding client base is a testament to their offerings, their fast shipping, and their exceptional customer service.

Bottom line is the consumer gets the finest USA cultivated and formulated CBD offerings possible, and with their discounts and rebates, the offerings are the most competitively priced on the industry. In addition, if a consumer has a concern or problem, the support staff looks after it right away. In fact, he will state definitely, that the only situation where they don’t have a fast solution for a consumer is when they don’t know about it. These initiatives have made the firm successful and they are always making improvements to consumer support to enhance this system, and they always will.

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