Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTCMKTS:UBQU) Unveils Its First Quarter Earnings For 2018

Ubiquitech Software Corp (OTCMKTS:UBQU) has proceeded to unveil its financial results for the 2018 first quarter. For this quarter, it witnessed $1,025,894 in terms of the generated revenues. The figure for the net income stood at $151,870 and of course that was for the quarter ended February 28, 2018.

Progress made so far

James Ballas, who happens to be the CEO of the company while recently addressing a number of news reporters, had a few points to say about the company’s progress. He stated that they were quite pleased about the fact that they were making significant progress in line with growing as well as strengthening the company. According to him, the strategies they are putting in place will move along way helping them give a major boost to earnings and revenues as well.

He moved a step further to outline that the CannazALL brand with passage of time continued to expand its presence in what is currently deemed a fast growing CBD marketplace. One outstanding thing is the fact that over several few quarters the company has managed to make huge investments towards the growth of its own business offerings. The CEO of the company hopes that the company has quite much to benefit from everything that will be realized from initiatives in place.

A critical outlook at the state of affairs in Ubiquitech

A lot of questions are being asked especially by market observers who want to establish exactly what is happening because currently the price swings are bombarding Ubiquitech Software Corp in a rather big way. It is causing a lot of uncertainty about the future.

However, there are a number of things that the company can count on to regain its vibrancy. There needs to be a string of positive news since it is basically about the strengthening of the company’s long-term prospects.

The CEO sometime back unleashed an open letter to shareholders and he sought to address them in a more direct way to help them gain a much deeper understanding regarding the firm. He wanted them to understand the set goals and the associated strategies in a more elaborate manner since they were part and parcel of the firm’s operations and success as well.

By Jaime Williams

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