Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) has commenced Phase 2 of the testing for recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. The firm passed Phase 1 testing for efficacy and Phase 2 is now for the calculation and combination of the formulas for both THC and CBD delivery utilizing the firm’s proprietary delivery solution.

The highlights

Viaderma is now working with its major Distributor and key Hospitals, in the Philippines, in an attempt to “Fast Track” its nod for its topical antibiotic and advance its testing. The objective is to use the facilities of the key Hospitals to get “Fast Track” nod by the BFAD. So far, the preliminary testing has already demonstrated promising data and the expanded clinical studies of its topical antibiotic continues to display results not seen prior in the region.

The product’s promising and quick data, continue to develop excitement by distributors and doctors throughout the nation. Viaderma reported that the suppliers are also interested in company’s numerous follow-on products, utilizing company’s proprietary solution, for which the firm is anticipating additional FDA registration figures throughout the remainder of 2017.

Dr. Christopher Otiko, the President of Viaderma, reported that the trials for numerous of company’s products continue to demonstrate promising data and the firm’s credibility continues to grow. The patients in on-going testing have recorded positive data not recorded before. The grown interest in company’s offerings is due to the lack of options in this part of the world.

Viaderma would be looking for the next logical attempt, which is to Fast Track for BFAD nod and commence the door for imminent products in this vast market. The contract producer has the capabilities to manufacture most of its offerings and they look forward to establishing a lasting relationship to offer top quality pharmaceuticals to company’s suppliers. Viaderma anticipates to commence the supply of the final topical antibiotic offering in the imminent few weeks.