What Is Going On With New Colombia Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:NEWC)?

New Colombia Resources Inc (OTCMKTS:NEWC) a Colombian natural resource firm listed in the United States, with premium medical marijuana and metallurgical coal assets reported their medicinal marijuana JV, Sannabis SAS, considers their Cannabis Indica Essential Oil, given along with Cannabis Indica Pure Extract, considerably lowered a cancerous tumor in a patient aged 81-year.

The details

The patient suffered from late stage stomach cancer with a tumor at the stomach mouth. After administered with two 5 ml syringes of Pure Indica Extract and two 5 ml bottles of Cannabis Indica Essential oil named SANNAYAH over quarter, the patient cancerous tumor reduced to less than 4 cm from 8 cm. Although further trials need to be planned, both Sannabis and the subject’s caregiver are assured this production combination resulted in this pain relief and reduction.

Originally the patient was planned to have an operation in 2016 to remove the tumor. During that time, once they noted the tumor, doctors determined it was best not to eliminate it offering the patient a box of morphine patches and terminal diagnosis. The subject’s daughter then approached Sannabis and started curing her mother with the pure Indica extract and essential oil.

The tumor shrink and also the subject didn’t find any need for the morphine patches for pain. New Colombia reported that the patient’s caregiver/daughter will be showcasing a testimonial to be released on Sannabis’ website. This instance and similar others cases is the reason the company has worked hard to promote the advantages of medicinal marijuana in Colombia.

The subject’s family did not anticipate to celebrate their mother’s birthday in previous month. New Colombia will work harder to advance the gains of Colombian medicinal marijuana extracts and essential oils legally in the United States.

Sannabis considers the essential oil polarizes the impact of Pure Cannabis Indica Extract.

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