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What Is Prompting Optimism In Cannabis Sativa Inc (OTCMKTS:CBDS)

Cannabis Sativa Inc (OTCMKTS:CBDS) confirmed that its hi product line was highlighted in the LA Times business section in a publication detailing branding and trademarking concerns in the cannabis market, earlier in January.

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The story details the hi offering line and the existing USPTO stance that although cannabis is largely being permitted by states, it has to yet avail legal approval as per the Federal Law. Subsequent to this reason, cannabis offerings are not patentable. The published article highlights the approach of cannabis entities trademarking ancillary offerings as the means they can use to safeguard IP.

Earlier in December, Cannabis Sativa was given a patent for a cannabis crop. The plant, Ecuadorian Sativa, is popularly termed CTA. It is included in the list of the cannabis strains allowable by the USPTO and was the consequence of seven years of official measures. The entity plans to market or license the patented strain considering the names CTA as well as Ecuadorian Sativa. The stance of the USPTO on whether firm will be allowed the trademark CTA/Ecuadorian Sativa, or whether it is implied in the patent is the quandary.

The article specified that the goal of trademark law is to avert client confusion. They would assume that the USPTO admits Cannabis Sativa proprietorship of these designations, as it is discreetly permissible in the patent. The goal of trademark law is to stop consumer confusion, and many firms can have the similar name for their goods as long as they are functional in different unit and won’t cause any misperception, and also that trademark safeguard can be put on not just to merchandises firm manufacturers now, but to goods that a firm might be anticipated to manufacture later on what trademark advocates call the area of natural expansion.

Cannabis Sativa has been self-motivated in following IP and has efficiently filed for or accepted a emerging portfolio of Intellectual Property.

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