G-Pel International Inc (OTCMKTS:KGET) continues its successful manufacturing of medical cannabis in Humboldt County. Its subsidiary firm, Pacific Cannabis Grower’s cultivation season is in at the peak. All of the canopy space is being used by its strain line up. The crops are healthy and being tended daily by expert cultivators.

PCG is anticipating to yield between 1500 lbs -2250 lbs of cannabis flower in this year. This estimated income will enable company to buy commercial greenhouses and grow equipment to increase overall quality and yield, paving the course for numerous harvests throughout the year. The management is extremely excited that everything is advancing as planned.

The details

On May 15, 2017, Pacific Cannabis was issued a 10,000 square feet Mixed-light grow license by the Humboldt County. This marked as the 21st commercial cannabis license awarded by the Humboldt county out of almost 2,400 applicants. Bo Linton, the President of G-Pel, reported that all the planning and hard work is now in full effect.

Their professional personnel at PCG has the medicinal cannabis crops growing healthy. The team will continue to track and manage the plants and they anticipate remarkable results in their first harvests and later many more to come.

Linton further added that G-Pel continues to seek strategic deals and adding new management team to their personnel as they grow. Initially they intend to streamline all of their processes and expand when they are ready. The company listed under the symbol KGET, as per its previous name “Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc.” marks as a medical marijuana and cannabis firm.

It manages its operations through its 51% owned firm County Junction Farms, Inc., and also Pacific Cannabis in California. The firm presently is focused within the medicinal marijuana-cannabis industry.

In the last trading session, the stock price of G-Pel closed flat at $0.00020. The traded share volume came at 14.23 million compared to average share volume of 97.96 million.