In the last trading session, the stock price of Viaderma Inc (OTCMKTS:VDRM) declined 0.85% to close the day at $0.012. Last month, the company reported that it has started distribution and sales of its highly expected topical antibiotic ointment. Its sales, distribution and marketing associate, Biogenx, Inc. has been preselling the offering, under the brand VitaStem™. The product now retails for $79 and can be bought online.

The details

Viaderma intends to begin manufacturing the second manufacturing run of the offering and currently has streamlined the manufacturing. It anticipates to boost production, monthly as the interest in the offering continues to increase. The firm will begin production of its Patent Pending Cannabidiol or Cannabinoids products offerings. It would integrate its two Patent pending know-hows, the MMJ Patent delivering cannabis and medical marijuana by applying the drug onto the skin in an ointment topical solution and another patent for improved drug and antibiotic delivery for Aqueous Topical Applications for veterinarian and human uses.

Viaderma would combine its proprietary offerings with Cannabidiol and other natural offerings that cure fibromyalgia for pain, psoriasis and other ailments. The firm intends to expand its Intellectual Property portfolio in 2018.

Dr. Christopher Otiko, the President of Viaderma, expressed that now that they have streamlined the production process they are ramping up distribution and sales and anticipate the orders to come in from numerous key nations abroad. The quick response by consumers in all their testing trials have demonstrated promising results and this has resulted in an overwhelming interest in their offerings in numerous markets across the globe.

This has paved the way for future products in numerous key markets. The contract manufacturer has now simplified the process and has the abilities to manufacture most of their offerings. They are now set to begin manufacturing numerous of their new offerings look forward to delivering numerous high-quality pharmaceuticals to their distributors.