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Year 2015 Looks to Be Significatn For More Marijuana Entrepreneurs

Nashville, TN – Year 2014 is about to end; therefore speculations about marijuana’s future in 2015 have already begun. New York City is all set to remove the small possession charges for marijuana, and Maine’s ballot is also looking forward to legalizing pot. On the basis of this, one can say that the next year would favor marijuana entrepreneurs way more than the current year.

Marijuana System is Set To Become Broader:

The world will witness a significant increment in marijuana usage in the coming year. According to Adam Laufer, Co-CEO and Attorney of MJ Holdings, people will experience the marijuana system turning bigger and broad from a limited scope in coming months.

The two states after Colorado that look set to witness the legalization of marijuana in next few months are Northeastern region and New Hampshire. People of both of these states will be able to use marijuana legally by the end of 2015.

Recently the U.S. Department of Justice said that the coming year maybe a landmark year in terms of marijuana usage. It also anticipated that Indian tribes might start growing and selling marijuana on their own in the near future. It will be very interesting to see as if only legal states will have sovereign lands or normal states as well. From the current proceedings, it looks like the federal government is looking forward to taking the help of the justice department to legalize marijuana, that too without going through legislative way.

Past couple of years have been very eventful in terms of marijuana’s usage in U.S. Colorado has already given green signal to its usage, and other states are set to follow it. If everything goes as per experts’ predictions, then 2015 will bring a lot of new hopes for marijuana’s usage. The legal system of the country will surely support the marijuana and make it available for everyone.

By Sophia T

Sophia usually writes on macroeconomics, economic policy making and the financial markets. She keep a track of all the latest policy developments in the medical marijuana arena.

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